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Are you having drain problems that keep coming back?  Or are you about to purchase something other than a brand-new home in San Diego County?  Then you should have an in-pipe video camera inspection.  Once a rare plumbing service, drain line video inspections are now common among plumbing professionals.  An important aspect of home inspections, they’re required in many cities.  Most of all they’re the only conclusive method for diagnosing drain lines and sewer lines and choosing the most cost-effective approach to cleaning, repairing a section, or replacing the full line.  Our experts are ready 24/7 for a fast resolution of your plumbing issues.

Plumbing Video Inspections

By using remote video we’re able to provide the best diagnosis of clogs, assess pre- and post-repair conditions, and optimize preventive maintenance.  There’s no more guessing — we’ll fully understand the problem before work begins.  Traditional methods usually involve digging or breaking through walls, floors, or pavement.  That’s essentially starting repairs before knowing exactly what the problem is and where it’s located.  The inspection cost is almost always more than offset by knowing the precise location and nature of the problem in order choose the best solution and make detailed and accurate estimates.  We can identify and locate root intrusions and other blockages, cracks, corrosion, faulty joints, low spots, and so on.  All to avoid going down the wrong path with work that’s more expensive than necessary.  A recording is also a big help in filing insurance claims.

As part of a real estate inspection, you’ll know for sure if the sewer pipe needs repair or replacing.  That could make a difference of thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands.  Worst-case situations could involve as much as $25,000 for replacing the pipe that runs under a driveway, patio, garage, or floor slab. Although highly valuable, sewer camera services are often not normally part of a home inspection.  Whereas in other cities they’re required!

$89 Drain Cleaning + FREE Camera Inspection! (858) 346-5223

How it Works

A small plumbing video camera is pushed down the length of pipe, sometimes as far as hundreds of feet.  A plumbing video system isn’t just miniature.  Today’s are color and high-resolution, water proof, have special lights, and are self-righting (up stays up, down stays down in the image).  And many include a radio-frequency transmitter to help in determining locations.  The cable length and RF detectors reveal its position, including how deep it is below the surface.

Drain Line Video Camera Inspections

The latest in digital electronics makes drain line video inspection possible all the way down to 1 1/2 pipes.  That can be a big help in dealing with difficult drain cleaning situations and assessment concerns.

Sewer Video Camera Inspections

Sewer pipes can suffer from a range of problems so underground sewer lines really call for a video inspection to diagnose anything beyond the routine.  Access is through a clean out port, or if one isn’t present either by removing a toilet or installing an access point.  To best evaluate the condition of the sewer pipe we’ll first complete sewer cleaning, often by using hydro jetting.

Blue Planet Is Drain Cleaning Experts

Our uniformed professionals are well-trained and experienced in all drain line and sewer line plumbing services:  cleaning, video inspection, repair, and trenchless replacement.  Serving all of San Diego County, our clients include homeowners, HOAs, property managers, and business owners (including local McDonalds).  We always make a follow-up phone call to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

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